Professor Demleitner publishes op-ed in Richmond Times-Dispatch

Washington and Lee law professor Nora V. Demleitner published an op-ed piece in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  The piece, titled "Let's celebrate family migration - and quit calling it 'chain' migration" appeared on March 2, 2018. Read the op-ed online here.

Prof. Baluarte to speak at Harvard Kennedy School

Washington & Lee law professor David Baluarte will speak at the Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.  Professor Baluarte will participate in a panel discussion titled "Migrant Descendants in the Dominican Republic, Nationals or Foreigners?" with Jacqueline Bhabha and Bridget Wooding.   The panel will address the impact of recent constitutional law reform on … Continue reading Prof. Baluarte to speak at Harvard Kennedy School

Prof. Lister on Guest Workers

In the fourth installment of the Spring 2012 Faculty Workshop Series, sponsored by the Frances Lewis Law Center, Professor Matthew Lister, Visiting Assistant Professor at Villanova School of Law, came to speak last week about his paper, Guest-Worker Programs: A Discussion and Partial Defense. In the paper, Professor Lister argues that a well-crafted guest-worker program is … Continue reading Prof. Lister on Guest Workers

German [Dis]Integration

Immigration and Integration are two of the most difficult problems facing German society - and Europe more broadly.  European countries are trying to understand, and adapt old legal regimes to, a wave of eastern, mostly Muslim immigrants, who constitute the majority of immigrants in Europe, "including in Belgium, France ... and the Netherlands, and the … Continue reading German [Dis]Integration