Faculty Profile: Margaret Howard

Puzzle: a question, problem, or contrivance designed for testing ingenuity. (Merriam-Webster) While most people associate puzzles with jigsaws or crosswords, for Margaret Howard nothing beats the intricacies of the Bankruptcy Code. It did not start out that way. When she began graduate school at Washington University it was to become a social worker. Her particular … Continue reading Faculty Profile: Margaret Howard

Margaret Howard: Bankruptcy Federalism: A Doctrine Askew

Professor Margaret Howard, the Law Alumni Association Professor of Law, recently published her article, Bankruptcy Federalism: A Doctrine Askew, 38 Pepp. L. Rev. 1 (2010), in the Pepperdine Law Review. Professor Howard discusses the interplay between federal courts and state courts within the context of injunctions. The Anti-Injunction Act, originally passed in 1793, bars a federal court from enjoining … Continue reading Margaret Howard: Bankruptcy Federalism: A Doctrine Askew