Professor Sahani Presents Works-in-Progress at Vanderbilt Law School and Seattle University School of Law

Prof. Victoria Shannon
Prof. Victoria Shannon

On July 9-12, Professor Sahani presented her latest work-in-progress, Reshaping Third-Party Funding, at the Ninth Annual Lutie Lytle Black Women Law Faculty Writing Workshop hosted by Vanderbilt Law School.  This article challenges the traditional triangular representation of the third-party funding transaction between the funder, client, and attorney and proposes other transaction structures that would be better suited to addressing potential problems, such as conflicts of interest, evidentiary privileges, and the funder’s exercise of control over the case. 


On July 15-18, Professor Sahani presented her forthcoming article, Judging Third-Party Funding, at the First Annual Civil Procedure Workshop, hosted by Seattle University School of Law.  This article proposes revisions to and reinterpretations of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, evidentiary privileges, and international arbitration procedures to address issues relating to third-party funding such as disclosures, evidentiary privileges, conflicts of interest, cost allocation, sanctions, and class actions.  The full text of the current draft is available here.  The article will be published in the UCLA Law Review in early 2016.

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