Prof. Franck Presents at ASIL Midyear Meeting and Research Forum

Prof. Susan Franck
Prof. Susan Franck

On Friday November 8, 2014 Washington and Lee law professor Susan Franck, presented at the American Society of International Law’s Midyear Meeting and Research Forum.  Professor Franck presented her work in a session titled International Economic Law-Private International Law: Dynamics of Investment Law.  Her paper is  Unveiling the ‘Invisible College’ of International Arbitration.”

“Unveiling the ‘Invisible College’ of International Arbitration is forthcoming in the Columbia Journal of Transnational Law in 2015.

From the abstract:

Speculation about the members of the “invisible college” of international arbitration abounds, as there is a lack of accurate, complete, and publicly available data about the community of international arbitrators and practitioners. Using data from a survey of attendees at the prestigious biennial Congress of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration permitted one glimpse into the membership of the international arbitration community. Although defining the international arbitration community is challenging, rather than leave the “invisible college” unexamined, this Article offers a systematic glimpse into the global elites of international arbitration using data from 413 subjects who served as counsel and 262 who acted as arbitrators (including 67 investment treaty arbitrators).

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