The Sixth Annual Conference on The Future of Adversarial and Inquisitorial Systems

The Future of Juvenile Justice

The Sixth Annual Conference on

The Future of Adversarial and Inquisitorial Systems

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

April 10-12, 2014

This year the main conference and the preconference for young scholars will address two different aspects of the changing face of juvenile justice: the main conference will address juvenile justice from a comparative point of view, while the preconference will address juvenile justice in transnational and international law.

Juvenile Justice in Comparative Perspective

Sixth FAIS Conference, Chapel Hill, 11-12 April 2014

Tamar Birckhead, UNC, Coordinator

Emily Buss, Chicago, USA

Tamar Birckhead, UNC, USA

Nick Bala, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

Claudia Cesari, Macerata, Italy

Frieder Duenkel, Greifswald, Germany

Kevin Haines, Swansea, Wales

Jackie Hodgson, Warwick, England

Barbara Woodhouse/ Sayali Bapat, Emory, USA

* * * * *

Juvenile Criminal Justice and Human Rights:

International and Transnational Perspectives
Pre-Conference for Young Scholars, Chapel Hill 10 April 2014

Solange Mouthaan, Warwick, UK, Coordinator


Nicholas Atallah, JD student, Duke, USA

Regula Echle, PhD student, Basel, Switzerland

Marta Lavacchini, PhD student, Florence, Italy

John Miller, JD student, UNC, USA

Maura O’Keefe, JD student, UNC, USA

Michele Simonato, PhD, Genoa, Italy

Hugh Williams, PhD student Warwick, England


For more information, please contact Mike Corrado at

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