AALS Criminal Justice Section Junior Scholars Paper Competition

Once again, the AALS Criminal Justice Section will hold a Junior Scholars Paper Competition. Honorees will be recognized at the AALS Annual Meeting in New York City in January 2014.

This year the format of our Junior Scholars Paper Competition is changed in a way that we hope will enable more emerging scholars to submit their work.

In previous years, submissions were restricted to papers for which no offer of publication had yet been accepted. This year, to enable more people who have submitted their summer projects for publication to compete in our Junior Scholars competition, papers are eligible if they have not yet been published or posted to the internet on September 1,  2013.  However, the paper can be accepted for publication as of that date. So please plan to submit your summer projects, but hold off on posting them to the internet, in order to preserve anonymity.

The other eligibility requirements for the competition remain unchanged. The deadline remains September 1st. The competition is limited to those who have been teaching for six years or fewer as of July 1, 2013. Papers submitted by previous competition winners are not eligible.

To facilitate anonymous review, please submit papers in electronic form, with all identifying information removed (except for a cover sheet with your name, the year you began law teaching, and a confirmation that the paper has not yet been published or posted to the internet as of September l, 2013) to CJS Secretary Giovanna Shay at gshay@law.wne.edu. Please note “CJS Junior Scholars Paper Competition” in the subject line.  Papers will be selected after review by members of the CJS Executive Committee.

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