Professor Moliterno to Chair Criminal Defense Lawyer Conference in China

Prof. Moliterno

Professor Jim Moliterno has been invited to chair a conference on criminal defense lawyer ethics in Hangzhou, China in late July 2013.  The conference will examine the controversial topics surrounding the criminal defense lawyer’s role in China. Numerous prominent Chinese lawyers and law faculty will participate, with Professor Moliterno providing an international perspective on the topics raised by participants.  The conference is funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation to Professor Lan Rongjie, 兰荣杰, 法学博士 法律科学博士 Ph.D S.J.D, 浙江大学光华法学院 讲师 Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School in Hangzhou. Professor Lan and Professor Moliterno have previously collaborated on projects in China in 2007 and 2009.

James E. Moliterno is the Vincent Bradford Professor of Law and joined the Law School in 2009.

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