NYU Law Review Switches From ExpressO to Scholastica

Here’s something just in from the NYU Law Review:

Dear Authors,

The New York University Law Review is excited to announce that we will be transitioning to a new article submission service. Starting with our next submission cycle in February 2013, we will only accept submissions through Scholastica (www.scholasticahq.com) and will no longer accept submissions through ExpressO.

Institutions can create accounts to pay for their authors’ submissions to Scholastica, so authors affiliated with law schools will have the same payment experience they have had on ExpressO. Scholastica is committed to ensuring that authors are able to submit articles regardless of institutional support and will consider requests for fee waivers and other accommodations (info@scholasticahq.com). Additional information about Scholastica is available atwww.scholasticahq.com/law_reviews.

We look forward to reviewing your scholarship in the future and hope that you will continue to submit to our journal.


Yan Cao
New York University Law Review

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