Faculty Profile: Michelle Drumbl

The worst has happened. That awful dreaded moment has come when you realize there is no escape. Nobody has died—but you are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. What happens next? Michelle Drumbl knows. Professor Drumbl is the head of the W&L Tax Clinic. In the last four years, the clinic has helped nearly … Continue reading Faculty Profile: Michelle Drumbl

Prof. Luna on the Prosecutor

Professor Erik Luna, Professor of Law and Law Alumni Faculty Fellow, recently published his book, The Prosecutor in Transnational Perspective (Oxford University Press 2011), with Marianne Wade of the Birmingham Law School at the University of Birmingham. The book, a compilation of works and essays, discusses the powerful role the American prosecutor plays in the judicial system. They wield the … Continue reading Prof. Luna on the Prosecutor

Prof. King on Misdemeanors

Professor John D. King, Associate Clinical Professor, recently had his paper, "Procedural Justice, Collateral Consequences, and the Adjudication of Misdemeanors" published in The Prosecutor in Transnational Perspective, edited by Erik Luna and Marianne Wade (Oxford University Press 2011). Scholarly analysis and popular perceptions of the American criminal justice system tend to focus on serious crimes. … Continue reading Prof. King on Misdemeanors