Prof. Millon on Teaching Business Law

David MillonProfessor David Millon, the J.B. Stombock Professor of Law, recently participated and contributed to a roundtable discussion on the popular blog, The Conglomerate, about teaching Business and Corporate Law. The group included Gordon Smith (BYU), Lisa Fairfax (George Washington), Afra Afsharipour (UC Davis), Kent Greenfield (Boston College), and Erik Gerding (Colorado).

Professor Millon wrote about W&L’s unique two course system, offering both Close Business Arrangements (CBA) and Publicly Held Businesses (PHB) as three-credit courses. The basic assumption, he said, is that the legal issues confronting the organization and management of privately owned, typically small businesses are different enough from those of large, publicly held firms to warrant separate courses. As a result, W&L has six hours, if a student takes both courses, to cover material that is typically taught in a four- (or even three-) credit survey. Prof. Millon also addressed the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility within the realm of PHB.

The entire roundtable discussion can be found here.

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