Prof. Lyman Johnson: Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Lyman JohnsonOn Friday, March 31, Professor Lyman P. Q. Johnson, the Robert O. Bentley Professor of Law, will present at Notre Dame Law School’s spring symposium, Corporate Governance and Business Ethics in a Post-Crisis World. Professor Johnson will present his paper, Getting Beyond Corporate Law’s Modest Contribution to Corporate Responsibility.

Professor Johnson will argue that corporate law, and law generally, historically has made only a modest and inadequate contribution to society’s quest for more responsible corporate conduct.  His presentation will first trace four areas where law has influenced and mirrored cultural expectations concerning corporate responsibility: corporate personhood, corporate purpose, corporate regulation, and corporate governance.  Next, his presentation will identify areas holding greater potential than law for fostering more ethical and responsible corporate behavior.  Prof. Johnson aims to realistically assess what law can and cannot do today in meeting society’s demand for ethical-responsible conduct in the corporate sector.

We wish Professor Johnson safe travel and success in his presentation amongst leading scholars.

4 thoughts on “Prof. Lyman Johnson: Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

  1. Add to the honors:
    Prof. Lyman Johnson will serve as a founding Executive Committee member of the new AALS section on Transactional Law and Skills.

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