Joshua A. T. Fairfield: Book Review

In the upcoming edition of the Jurimetrics Journal, Professor Joshua A. T. Fairfield, the Director of the Frances Lewis Law Center, will have his review of Rutger’s Professor Greg Lastowka’s Virtual Justice published.

Professor Fairfield notes that Lastowka’s book is not just an introduction to virtual worlds and the rules that govern them. Instead, it is more of a study on the “process by which law emerges from the interaction of community and technology at the bleeding edge of cyberspace.” He argues that the book demonstrates that virtual worlds are participating in the generation of common law. Professor Fairfield finishes the review with these words:

It is often the goal of legal scholars to write the definitive work on the subject; the last word. Lastowka has succeeded in doing even better – he has written the first word. With humor, exhaustive research, and precise, moderated analysis, he has written a foundational text that necessarily must undergird all that will certainly follow. As he set out to do, lastowka has not finished the debate. Rather, he has crafter a solid foundation on which the field can now build.

Professor Lastowka has made the text available online, licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial 3.0 License. It may be found on Lastowka’s website.

Congratulations to Professor Fairfield for getting his review published.

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